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There’s a wonderful thing about Rupert Bunny: his paintings always glow with a casual elegance. Looking at the unpretentious ease that emanates from the modish dignity of his well-known self-portrait in the National Gallery of Victoria reminds one of the grace and modest gentility of Bunny’s times – those wonderful Edwardian pre-First World War times.1 These stylishly.

Rupert Bunny: Artist in Paris, at the Art Gallery of NSW, is a tribute to an artist who simply won’t go his reputation has fluctuated over the years, Bunny has withstood the test of time more effectively than most of his peers, largely because of his ability to reinvent himself whenever he felt his work was growing stale or predictable.

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BUNNY, Rupert: Australia – Australia England and Francewith visits to Australia, Australia from The apple of discord [Atlanta and the golden apples Atalanta] c or c Painting.

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