University of toronto thesis defense

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M.Sc. Thesis & Oral Defense

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M.Sc. Thesis & Oral Defense

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Dissertation Defense The grade should aim to defend the dissertation within four years of entry into the PhD reduce. As long as their peers in eastern. The Chair may invite other Historical Faculty present if they wish to scrape the candidate.

A formal appraisal of the thesis is written by the External Examiner who must be from outside of the University of Toronto and who, except under exceptional circumstances, must agree to attend the final Ph.D.

Senate Oral Defense. H. Process For Setting Up Thesis Defense. It is necessary to give considerable lead-time in setting up the oral defense. Two months (eight weeks) prior to the requested date of defense, the student and/or thesis supervisor should contact the CEHCR program office The Final Oral Examination (FOE) is the capstone experience of your doctoral studies.

General information about the FOE is outlined in the SGS Calendar. Additionally, you may find helpful the Guidelines for the Doctoral FOE, a PDF document that outlines the responsibilities of the graduate unit, SGS, the Examination Committee, and the Chair.

An alternate option is available through the U of T Bookstore: contact Book Pod if you would like a print copy of your thesis.

Thesis Defense and Examination Guidelines

You are also free to choose another printing company. You are also free to choose another printing company. Thesis Approval Form and Exam Request Form.

When the student has completed about three-quarters of the thesis, he/she should pick up the Defense Package, containing the Thesis Approval Form and Exam Request.

HOME / Current Students / Programs & Courses / MI Thesis Option About the thesis option The thesis option allows students to gain experience in developing and executing a .

University of toronto thesis defense
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