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U of T's Trinity College tainted by secret society.

U of T's Trinity College tainted by secret society

By Iain but is now barred from — the University of Toronto's Trinity College, gather at Queen's Park before a ritualized "reading. Jan 29,  · Would Trinity College of University of Toronto consider this cheating?

So I was discussing about the supplementary essay for Trinity College online. I showed the topic, and asked the people what they thought about Resolved.

Students apply to the University of Toronto through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC), and rank all seven colleges in order of preference on their OUAC application. Trinity College will only consider those students that select Trinity as their first choice of college.

University of Toronto; University of Victoria; University of Waterloo; University of Western Ontario; Volunteering; Accepted to Trinity College U of T Study Tips; Medical Sciences; I guess they don't care about the essay. Go to the Join U of T website and it should say whether you got admitted to Trinity .

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